FRANCE 24 journalist Nicola Hebden has lived in Paris for two years, taking part in and observing what its wonderful international community has to offer. A Brit Abroad looks at what British people are doing to get involved, from charity events to gigs and galleries. Happy reading.

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The best of British blogs in Paris

There's a veritable abundance of blogs about Paris - its nightlife, museums, restaurants, music scene. And Brits seem to have cracked the magical formula for blogging success.

Bucking the digital trend: A Tale of Three Cities

Is launching a literary magazine at a time of notorious financial troubles for print press good idea? Young Britons in London, Paris and Berlin say yes.

Britain after dark: A spotlight on binge drinking

A photo exhibition in Perpignan has hit a nerve with the Brits. Why has a set of photos taken on a night out in Cardiff caused such a stir? Nicola Hebden talks to photographer Maciej Dakowicz.

Helping homelessness through football

Solving homelessness is not easy, but every year the Homeless World Cup has shown success in encouraging social inclusion through the international language of football. Nicola Hebden spoke to the organiser and participants to find out more.
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